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Patchwork Quilt Bedspreads
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Patchwork quilt bedspreads 

We are delighted to showcase a range of wonderful  patchwork quilt bedspreads. There are designs to suit all tastes and the attention to detail is excellent, especially in the hand quilting.

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These quilted bedspreads form a beautiful decorative centre piece to your bedroom. Made from all natural materials with 100% cotton fabrics and 100% cotton internal wadding. The quilts can be used as a decorative bedspread that is drawn back at night or they can provide an extra cosy level of warmth with the cotton wadding acting as an insulating yet breathable layer. 

A range of five quilt designs are available and there are three different sizes of patchwork quilt bedspread to match the dimensions of your bed. We also have coordinating Pillow Shams which finish the effect off beautifully!

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You may see other less expensive patchwork bedspreads, these are often poor imitations printed as a wholecloth, are machine quilted or use man-made fibres. For further information on why our patchwork quilts are superior in quality and finish, click here

If you are interested in making your own patchwork quilt then for a full range of patchwork fabrics, books and notions visit www.cottonpatch.co.uk

Simple Squares Quilt

Simple Squares Quilt 
Sometimes the simplest designs are the best which is certainly true of this smart and stylish quilt in cool, natural shades.

Simple Squares Quilt King, Sold Out
Simple Squares Quilt Double/Queen, £149.00
Simple Squares Quilt Single, £99.00
Simple Squares Quilt Pillow Sham, £19.95

Boston Quilt

Boston Quilt 
This is a delightful quilt with a pretty, pastel patchwork of floral designs in the centre set against a plain, quilted cable design border. It is beautifully finished with a zigzag floral border.

Boston Quilt King, Sold Out
Boston Quilt Double/Queen, Sold Out
Boston Quilt Single, Sold Out
Boston Quilt Pillow Sham, Sold Out

Puzzle Quilt

Puzzle Quilt 
The ingredients: a random selection of plaids, a simple, understated design and a light tea-dye wash. The result: a balanced and harmonious quilt that just oozes charm!

Puzzle Quilt King, Sold Out
Puzzle Quilt Double/Queen, £169.00
Puzzle Quilt Single, £115.00
Puzzle Quilt Pillow Sham, £22.95


Bear's Paw Quilt

Bears Paw Quilt
This stunning medallion-style quilt combines a variety of traditional blocks (for example, log cabin, variable star, flying geese and, of course, the central bearís paw design) to dramatic effect.

Bears Paw Quilt King, Sold Out
Bears Paw Quilt Double/Queen, £149.00
Bears Paw Quilt Single, £99.00
Bears Paw Quilt Pillow Sham, £19.95

Denim Rag Quilt

Denim Rag Quilt 
The fabric thatís never out of fashion! Pieced with the frayed edges facing outwards for a style thatís both scrappy and smart. 

Denim Rag Quilt King, £175.00
Denim Rag Quilt Double/Queen, £149.00
Denim Rag Quilt Single, £99.00
Denim Rag Quilt Pillow Sham, £19.95


The patchwork quilt bedspread: a short explanation

The patchwok quilt is a bedspread or bedcover made of two pieces of fabric with a soft filler (wadding) layer in between. The top of the patchwork quilt is where the creativity takes place as different pieces or patches of fabrics are combined together to form intricate and beautiful designs. The quilt backing is usually plain and more functional. The three layers are then quilted by using uniformly spaced fine stitching to make sure that the inner layer does not bunch up or crumple inside. The separate elements of a patchwork quilt are shown in the diagram below.

The main elements of a patchwork quilt


Although the basic skills of quilt making had been around for many centuries, the real impetus for the patchwork quilt began in America in the nineteenth century. This was when many of the traditional designs or 'blocks' were first created. One of the most famous is the 'Log Cabin', this features a  central square surrounded by successive strips or 'logs'. Traditionally half of the logs are made from light fabrics and half the logs from dark fabrics. 'Flying Geese' are another traditional element and these consist of rows of quarter-square triangles flanked by half-square triangles. These elements can be seen in one of our quilts with another powerful symbol of pioneer days; the Bear's Paw.

For further information on quilts visit cottonpatch.co.uk for a comprehensive list of patchwork books